Activate Cloud Voice

"Keeping you and your staff connected no matter where they are"


Our voice platform is a complete and unified communications app for use with Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, iPhone and Android devices. ActivateMe Cloud Voice transforms your desktop and mobile devices into a multi-featured office extension. It provides a convenient call experience as well as offering powerful collaborative features.




Enable Your Team


ActivateME allows you to transform your desktop and mobile devices into a multi-featured office extension! It provides a convenient call experience as well as offering powerful collaboration features such as calling, conferencing and instant messaging, delivered over a secure and encrypted connection, making sure all your information is secure and protected!

Exclusive Features

Remove Office Extension

Activate ME, allows you to make and receive calls on any device. You also benefit from one true number reach which will keep your personal numbers private as well as having instant access to corporate and personal contacts.

Manage and Control Calls

Transfer, hold, mute, record to any extension using the intuitive user interface. You will also be able to identify any missed calls, check on call history, manage voicemails, recordings as well as set up call forwarding rules.

Consolidated Collaboration

Your downloaded bespoke user extension list provides an extensive overview of your corporate directory and displays your colleague’s presence status. With just a few clicks you can also initiate a one on one or group chat with selected co-workers.
Seamlessly communicate with your CRM contacts as well as enjoying call-pop up facilities


  • Available across multiple platforms
  • Significantly cut voice charges by making calls over your WiFi or mobile data networks
  • Quick collaboration with your colleagues with personal chat and file sharing
  • See who is available, offline, away, on a call, do not disturb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a bulky and expensive PBX?
No, “ActivateMe” makes use of cloud technology, which also allows for updates, upgrades, scalability and other key functions
Is connectivity important?
Yes, the better and stronger the WiFi signal the better the call quality.
Is there a limit to the number of users?
There is no limit. ActivateMe can accommodate any number from 1 upwards.
How long does it take to install ActivateMe Cloud Voice?
The average turnaround time for a new ActivateMe Cloud Voice solution is 1-2 business days, but we can often deliver sooner in most cases.
What are the call charges?
Landline calls are billed at 79c per minute
Mobile calls are billed at 99c per minute